In 1977, JLS founder Joseph L. Sorbera, Sr., took the advice and encouragement of his clients and established JLS, a general contracting company in service to major Wall Street institutions. Some of them are still with us today and are among our most loyal clients and strongest references. In the early 2000's, again at the advice and encouragement of clients, JLS began to offer an Anglo-American version of cost management services that are commonly employed in Europe and Asia.

In 2005, in response to industry demand, I decided to form an independent company focused on project management, owner representation, and cost control by creating JLS Cost Management Systems Inc.

At JLS Cost Management Systems we promise to deliver "More Than Is Expected" of a first rate firm in our industry by adhering to the following principles: 

  • Direct and proactive participation in client's projects by JLS principals
  • Demonstrable value added in every element of work
  • Independent and unbiased analysis
  • A Team Approach - working together with our project team member firms so everyone performs at their best

  • At JLS we employ professionals from all the various facilities-related disciplines so that we can understand, anticipate, communicate, and manage the diverse requirements of our clients and their projects. The rigorous training and depth of experience of these professionals enables us to provide a superior level of service to our clients throughout North America, Europe, and Hong Kong, including:

  • Financial Services Companies   
  • Fashion Retailers
  • Publishing/New Media Houses  
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Residential Property Owners     
  • Law & Professional Firms

  • And while the annual value of the portfolio of work under JLS management has grown to well over $200 million today, we continue to keep our firm flexible and efficient
    and based in lower Manhattan.

    It's something that would make my father and our founder - and the clients who encouraged him - proud.

    I invite you to see for yourself how we can support your projects in a way that is smoother, more transparent, and more cost-effective.

    Thank You,

    Joseph L. Sorbera, Jr.